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Guidelines for Arranging Services

When someone you love dies, not only is there much to cope with emotionally, but the associated logistical concerns can be overwhelming. What kind of service should there be? What are the available options? We at Heath and Vaughn Funeral Home understand that these issues can be especially difficult, and we are here to help. Below are guidelines that may assist you during the difficult time following a loved one's death.

1. Call Heath and Vaughn Funeral Home — 217-239-1212
     (A locally-owned independent funeral home)

When a loved one has died, you and your family require comforting, immediate attention. You need time to mourn and grieve, gather your thoughts, and develop plans for the future.

2. Notify Family, Friends, and Associates
After contacting your pastor and funeral director, you will telephone others to inform them of your loss. This can be a healthy part of the grieving process.

3. Consult with Charles W. Vaughn, Funeral Director
Next, arrange for a meeting with the funeral director. In this meeting, you will share personal information to complete the death certificate and prepare the obituary. You may want to bring helpful information to the meeting. The information typically required: date and place of birth, date and place of death, age, marital status, name of surviving spouse (maiden name, if wife), social security number, usual occupation, kind of business or industry, U.S. war veteran (if veteran, the dates of service, service number, bring a copy of the discharge papers [DD-214] to the funeral home), usual residence, father's full name, mother's full maiden name, and place of burial. In addition, there are several other informational items to be completed for the death certificate by the physician, coroner, and funeral director.

The funeral director will obtain the certified copies of the death certificate. These certificates are necessary to process insurance policies, social security and veterans benefits, and selling of stocks or bonds. In any instance that legal proof of death is required, you will be asked to submit a certified copy of the death certificate.

4. Decide on Service Times
During your meeting with the funeral director, you will plan the time, place, and type of service with the assistance of the funeral director and your pastor. Often funeral services are held at the funeral home or at the local church. We can help you to prepare any number of personalized service styles.

5. Casket/Vault Selection
With the assistance of the funeral director, you will next select the casket and vault you desire. We at Heath and Vaughn offer a unique, comforting method to make your decision less rigorous. You will most likely need a cement or steel burial container, which is used at the cemetery to contain the casket. Cemeteries usually require this type of hard container to structurally support and protect the grave site. We also have a wide selection of containers so that you may choose one that is best.

6. Contacting the Cemetery
We will make all the cemetery arrangements. If there is no cemetery plot available, we at Heath and Vaughn can arrange for purchasing a lot in the cemetery of your choice.

7. Prepare Obituary
With your family history, the funeral director will assist you in preparing the newspaper obituary.

8. Pallbearers List Selection
Together with other family members, consider the selection of the pallbearers. Once selected, these friends and family members should then be contacted by a member of the family.

9. Facilitating an Atmosphere of Support
We will create a video memorial biography as a special tribute remembrance of your loved one. Our staff will create your personalized family legacy in time for your service visitation. Local Hospice groups have found our video biographies to be of great value in helping you begin to heal from your loss.