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Douglas Irving West

Douglas Irving West, 75, of Champaign passed away on July 24, 2020. He was born March 26, 1945, to Vincent and Donna West.

westDoug was a University of Illinois graduate. He loved to learn, to travel, to talk, and to help people sort out their problems. Those fortunate enough to have known him will miss his great friendship. He loved his family and loved home cooked food. He was passionate about education and was an advocate for the local school system.

Doug was married twice, to Sandra and to Joyce. He leaves behind two children; Andy and Celina; seven grandchildren; Jasmine, Devin, Maddox, Emma, Tomás, Lola, and Lincoln; and a sister, Laura.

A nice memorial gesture would be to buy someone a doughnut.  Perhaps buy it from Carmella's Creme, his favorite doughnut shop.

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I met Doug when I was 14 or so. I was a cyclist, and worked at Champaign Cycle and Bikeworks over the years. The amount of patience Doug had with me (and the impatience when it was required), the friendship he offered me, and the mentorship he gave me, knowingly or not, was very key to my maturity. He taught me how to live as an adult and how to be goofy as an adult. In all of his perfections and imperfections, he never showed shame or pride - he was a flawed Buddhist in that sense, though I can imagine him exclaiming "Bah, that's not me, young man!"

I later ran in to him when we were working together at Wolfram, though since moving to St. Louis in 1995, we spoke possibly once...probably just in a LinkedIn connection message.

The 2 memories I have of him which come in to my mind most frequently have to do with recumbent bicycles and hardbound books. Anytime I see a recumbent, I remember he constant iteration on his early designs, and wonder what version he might be on now. I also remember when he gave me a tour of the book bindery where he would occasionally work, and I think of that visit every time I open a hardbound book (and I'm an active reader). 

Doug was an extremely important person in my life at a time when I was a very lost and hurting adolescent, and owing him so much, I try to pay it back every day by helping others, lost or not, in troubled stages of their young lives with the same patience (and impatience), listening, and mentorship Doug gave me.

My thoughts are with all those whose lives he also touched.

—Patrick Hawley


Mr. Douglas,
i am deeply sorry to hear about your passing away. I feel sad that i have could not attend to your funeral. i send my condolence to your son Andy and his family who took care of you fully for the last of your days. Sleep in peace. You were very kind and good person.

—Ihsan Çetain