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cremation services

Cremation is often considered to be a less complicated substitute for the “traditional” funeral. Many people also believe that at the time of death only two choices exist: immediate cremation of the body or a complete funeral including viewing, followed by burial.

Actually several options are available in between for those who prefer cremation . . . perhaps even more than with burial. Cremation and burial are both defined as “modes of disposition,” methods of caring for the body and as such, just one part of a funeral. Numerous cremation casketopportunities exist for meaningful services for the benefit of family and friends—both before and after cremation occurs. We offer 2 personalized cremation selections as follows:

1. Traditional Cremation
Includes basic services of funeral director, a proportionate share of overhead costs, transfer of remains to funeral home, crematory fee, container for cremains, cardboard cremation container, newspaper obituary placement, and coroner’s cremation permit.

2. Cremation/Memorial Service
Includes all items listed for Traditional Cremation plus cremation casket with viewing of embalmed, dressed and cosmetized remains, visitation, funeral service, and transportation to local cemetery/crematory.