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The Mattis Mansion has welcomed
visitors since 1883 and is officially designated as a Champaign County Historical Landmark.

Its beautiful Queen Anne exterior and warm massive hardwood interior evokes a safe, warm atmosphere for families to make arrangements to celebrate the life of their loved one.

The stately Mattis Mansion is now Heath and Vaughn Funeral Home, an independently-owned funeral home.

Lincoln Room

One of the most prominent features of our historical home is referred to as the “Lincoln Room.” From its uniquely designed, hand-crafted (1883) mahogany hardwood floors to its expertly crafted, unique entryway and onyx fireplace, the room conveys an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and serenity.

Lincoln and Tad

Most unique is a natural replica of President Lincoln and his son, Tad, that adorns the ceiling of the room. The inspiration of the painting was taken from a tin-type by the famous Civil War photographer, Matthew Brady. Quite often visitors are awestruck of how the President and his son appear so lifelike.

Art Glass Window

Complementing the Lincoln room is the gorgeous, lead-crystal stained glass window that was specifically designed to match the décor of our Queen Anne Victorian home. Its beauty enhances the overall warm ambience of the home.



This iconic landmark, “Prayer for Rain,” is located in West Side Park across the street from our historic home. Photo by Sam Logan









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Linda and
Charles Vaughn

Charles Vaughn

Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer

Linda Vaughn
Advanced Planning Director

Larry V. Gilbert

Office Manager
Assistant to
the Directors
Notary Public

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