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Today is

Thomas Arthur Zilligen, Sr.

Thomas Arthur Zilligen, Sr. (Pops) was born March 19, 1949 in Chippewa Falls, WI and passed away in Gibson City, IL on October 9, 2018.

Pops has four children, Thomas Jr, Christopher, Jeanne and Lisa, seven zilligengrandchildren, Xavier, Danielle, Olivia, Miles, Juliet, Dimitri, Jacqueline and two additional grandchildren on the way (both boys – Kenneth Gurley Zilligen and other not yet named), eleven siblings and many more family members and loved ones that would be too great a list to name.

Pops was truly a man like no other. He was charismatic and charming, a loving and wonderful father and brother and a great friend. Pops always made everyone around him feel safe, special and loved. He was the one that everyone was drawn to. Pops was the neighborhood “dad,” always taking in people and animals alike, giving them anything and everything they needed that he could. Everyone knew him and all that knew him, loved him. His departure from this earth is deeply felt.

Pops will truly be missed and will never be forgotten. He has left his mark on this world in a huge way. Pops has touched countless people and will forever be in all of our hearts and minds.

Regarding a service, Pops had very specific wishes for his remembrance and services once he passed and his children plan to honor those wishes. Pops has been cremated and there will be no public service. His remains will be spread privately with his four children, per his request, with time for his friends and family to visit in advance of the private service.

Condolences to Pop’s family may be offered online at www.HeathandVaughn.com.